Monday, December 24, 2012

Qasabgi, Mohamed El-

Mohamed El-Qasabgi(or Kasabgi)(1892-1966), Egyptian musician and composer,one of the leading composers of Egypt in the 20th century. He was widely recognized as a leader of development of Oriental music and mixing it with newest musical techniques

Quantz, Johann Joachim

Johann Joachim Quantz(1697-1773), German flutist and composer, studied string, wind instruments as well as harpsichord, he traveled widely as a soloist in Europe and also played oboe and clarinet in orchestras. In 1741 after Prince Frederick became the King of Prussia, he was exempt from playing in the opera orchestra; instead, his duties revolved around the king's private evening concerts. He composed over 300 flute sonatas and concertos. He was also a flute maker.

Quitral, Rayen

Maria Georgina Quitral(known as Rayen Quitral)(1916-1979), Chilean soprano, studied in Chile and made her singing debut at the Teatro Central in Santiago in 1937. In 1941 she made her operatic debut at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires for the role of "Queen of the Night" of The Magic Flute. She then sang in South American countries, settled in Mexico. Later she sang in London, Paris and Italy. In 1967 she returned to Chile, retired from singing and devoted to teaching.

Rachlin, Natan

Natan Rachlin(1905-1979), Ukrainian conductor, studied at the Conservatory of Kiev for trumpet and violin. In Leningrad he studied conducting. From 1937 to 1941 and 1946 to 1962 he headed the Ukrainian State Orchestra, between 1941to 1945 he conducted the State Symphony of USSR. In 1966 he became the chief conductor of the Orchestra of Kazan.

Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Sergei Rachmaninoff(1873-1943), Russian composer, pianist and conductor. He studied piano from his mother, then entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory and Moscow Conservatory. He began conducting in Russia in 1891, then conducted in London. In 1904 he was appointed as a conductor of Bolshoi Theatre. In 1907 he left Russia due to Revolution and never returned to Russia, settled in US and France. He toured as a piano virtuoso in US and Europe. He composed 3 symphonies, 3 piano concertos, orchestral music, and piano pieces.

Radu, Ioana

Ioana Radu(1917-1990), Romanian romance singer. She studied singing at High School in Craiova, where she detected her love to be the romances and other popular music genres. Since 1936 she lived in Bucharest and sang often in the Radio Bucharest, won a prize in a contest and became a famous singer of popular songs. Many Romanian composers have written songs for her.

Raharisoa, Norbert

Norbert Raharisoa(1914-1963), Madagascan pianist, studied art first in Paris, then changed to music st Lyon. Returning to Madagasca he became a teacher. he composed the national anthem of Madagasca when it became republic.